Organization Tips

Here are some tips on getting organized as given by guest speaker, Danny Spears.

Danny asks, "Why be organized?" He says tells us simply that it saves us time, helps us accomplish more, and others like it when we are ourselves organized.

He tells us How to Be Organized:

For Doctors' Appointments: Bring insurance information, write questions down, list your Refills as needed, list tests that may be needed, and summarize your last visit. If you keep them, have your last notes to refer to and clarify any questions not answered.

For OHDAP Renewal: Bring insurance information, copies of bills, checking/savings information, list of any and all questions about the program and how it can help. Don't wait until the last moment to ask for help---Funds take time to get approved to be used for client assisntance. Before your visit, download the needed forms from the website and prefill out as much information as possible before seeing the case manager. Make copies of needed items, such as your photo I.D., insurance cards, any award letters from Social Security, etc. KEEP YOUR ORIGINALS. Sign and date forms in front of the Case Manager.

For a Monthly Calender: Keep on top of medical appointment dates, bills, tests, medication refills, and any other important dates or events that you need to keep track of.

Carry/Store Your Information in a Safe and Secure Way:

Keep your information in a place you know where it is at all times. You don't want to lose the information, and you don't want anyone else having access to it.

Categorize your information and keep similar papers in the same place and separate from everyday papers.

Put your information in something that closes tightly and completely, zipping closed. Examples are book bags, backpacks, or satchels.

Put all papers and paperwork: prescriptions, copies of reports and lab orders, etc. that you receive from your Doctor and Case Manager.